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Sitra invests in building fair data economy tools, best practices and capabilities for businesses on a European scale. The data economy is growing at a fast pace, and European companies should grab their share of the global data market.

As we are creating new ways of thinking and new business opportunities, as well as collecting best practices for the future, there might be things that need to be changed, thrown away or kept as best practices.

We invite you to develop European fair data economy success stories and best practices for business together with us!

Get to know the tools and methods of the future business

Open standards - cornerstone of the data economy

In a world of complex value networks and ecosystems, open standards are the only means of scalable interoperability. This is how the internet became to be and is the winning model of standardisation in the networked industry. We need to continue taking the best open standards into use and to leverage that model in terms of data. The IHAN testbed team has already started on the path towards benchmarking and testing the best open industry standards and initiatives for standardisation.

Data sharing nexuses

Open data standards can take us forward but reliable and trusted data sharing between companies and individuals requires more than that. That is where the capabilities of a data sharing nexus come into the picture. A data sharing nexus provides the means of discovering the standardised data and to associate standardised authentication and consent capabilities with the data iso that companies and individuals can control the use of their data. Only this will release the sharing the private data of individuals and the business critical data of companies to create unprecedented value.

Create new business by sharing data

Take the first steps towards creating new business from data. At the heart of the fair data economy is data sharing with other companies, which enables new kinds of innovative products and services. There are already tools available which can help you to get started when thinking of your own data sharing case.

How to get started as a business developer?

Start your data driven business innovation with the tools and materials found on this site and when you have you first ideas on your data sharing case, apply as a new IHAN testbed pilot!

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