Renew your business with data

Sitra invests in building fair data economy tools, best practices and capabilities for businesses on a European scale. The data economy is growing at a fast pace, and European companies should grab their share of the global data market.

As we are creating new ways of thinking and new business opportunities, as well as collecting best practices for the future, there might be things that need to be changed, thrown away or kept as best practices.

We invite you to develop European fair data economy success stories and best practices for business together with us!

Get to know the tools and methods of the future business

Create new business by sharing data

Take the first steps towards creating new business from data. At the heart of the fair data economy is data sharing with other companies, which enables new kinds of innovative products and services. By the end of 2020, we will offer you business development tools to support you on your journey.

Rulebook for data networks

The rulebook is a guide for creators of fair data economy networks. 

The rulebook describes organisations’ legal, business, technical, ethical and governance framework in a data ecosystem. 

Agreement templates and other tools make it easier to build and join new data networks which highlight transparency in data sharing.

Making data part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Reviewing the use of data from an ethical perspective and as part of corporate responsibility is still relatively new. We are now in the process of identifying and implementing the best practices of sustainable data use from the perspective of CSR. 

Interested in contributing? You can now share your company’s best practices on the ethical use of data. Contact!

How to get started as a business developer?

During summer 2020, we will establish a Fair Data Economy Community in LinkedIn. It will be a great place to share experiences with other companies and stay up-to-date on the latest developments. 

Get to know the topic and learn more in autumn 2020 when we publish the working paper “Making data as part of corporate social responsibility”.  

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