The IHAN testbed is now open for the new pilot cases

To continue the chain of successful pilots on the IHAN testbed Sitra is now issuing a call for new pilot cases to try out trusted data sharing and contribute to the open data standardisation on the IHAN testbed.

To apply as a pilot case you need to reply to the following questions in a few sentences each and submit your answers to

  • What is the name of the pilot project?

  • What is the use case or use cases you see that would benefit from data sharing and the applicant would like to try out on the IHAN testbed?

  • Who are the existing or potential pilot partners in the use case?

  • What are the key benefits the applicants seek from the experiment?

  • Which data and data sources do the applicant deems relevant for the use case?

  • What are the contact details of the applicant? (the name, email address and the organisation of the contact person)

Note that the access to and maintenance of the IHAN testbed for a pilot is considered as de minimis aid. Read more details on Sitra's site.

If you have any questions concerning piloting, please submit at

We are still in an embryonic mode and working on best effort basis so please be patient and we'll come back to your questions and application as soon as possible.

The call is open until further notice.