The IHAN testbed rulebook

Sitra has contributed to the rulebook work that defines the models, guidelines and specifications for fair data economy practices. The rulebook describes organisations’ legal, business, technical, ethical and governance framework in a data ecosystem. Agreement templates and other tools make it easier to build and join new data networks that highlight transparency in data sharing. There is a new version of Sitra's general purpose rulebook, available here.

The IHAN testbed uses the rulebook as a tool to build and test rulebook practices and enable them to be automated and scaled in the data sharing nexuses. The IHAN testbed now also has its own rulebook, which is compliant with Sitra's original one. As the IHAN testbed development advances, we are also making the use of the rulebook more automatic. You can now access the current version of the IHAN testbed rulebook here.

As the founder of the IHAN testbed, Sitra has defined the terms and conditions for its use. All parties that join the IHAN testbed need to accept the minimum terms defined in the accession agreement of the IHAN testbed rulebook. Besides agreeing to the accession agreement, the pilot ecosystem members joining the IHAN testbed can decide to pilot by agreeing to the IHAN testbed rulebook, or they can decide to create a separate piloting or co-creation agreement that is compliant with the IHAN testbed rulebook terms and conditions. The IHAN testbed team will support the pilot cases with separate co-creation agreements when needed.